My journey has been long, and probably long, because it’s been challenging.

English is not my primary language. I was born and raised in France. I left France several years ago but I do not live in an english speaking country. To be honest, I should be able to speak 3 languages but I am only fluent in two of them. I apologize to my Germand friends.

So if you’re here it probably means that you’re looking for your life mission. And, what could that be ? I was just like you from my early childhood to the first part of my thrities. Yes, I am that old. I am 36. I know. I look pretty young. But let’s be honest here, 36 is not old no matter what society wants to make us believe. If I listened to the media or if I read women magazine, I would be , which I stopped in my early twnties, I would be old, wrinkly, saggy. But 36 is definatly not old and I’m still ovulating. No matter what my ob gyn would tell me incase I got pregnant. It would a geriatric pregnancy, as if elderly could get pregnant. Makes no sense to me. But you know, doctors know better than us, simple mortals. Especially those in the mainstream media. What happened to my body my choice ? Honestly, I don’t know. I guess it’s for the greater good !

So let’s go back to the main topic. You ultimate life mission ? Because how many people on this planet are actually looking for a purpose ? What’s the point of living on this planet ? Why am I here ? What will happen when I die ? Has all this even a meaning ?

If you look at it on a spiritual or new age perspective. I guess one would say you decided to incarnate on Earth and you decided on what you wanted to do beforehand. One may even say that you have soul contracts meaning you’re bound to do certain things but who did you agree to have these contacts with ?

On a religious perspective, I guess one would say God created you and you’ll live that just one experience and then you’ll turn to dust and go back to Heaven. But, there’s not much more I can tell about that because I’ve never been a religious person. But please, let me know ! I’m curious !

Isn’t it nice to feel that everything is all panned out and we don’t have to figure anything out, right ?

I’m gonna give you my two cents on it. That’s me talking from my experience with the seen and the unseen. In my opinion, you should leave all this BS behind and ask yourself what do you want to do with your life ? Because you heart knows what you want. You don’t have to look for answers outside of you. If you feel stuck and disconnected from your heart, it’s time to do the journey backward and get to the root of this disconnection. Is it trauma ? Is interference ? Is it the lack of will to even find out ?

Why are you on this planet ? You’re here to share your gifts with the world and thrive ! Each and everyone of you. Yes, even you ! You have amazing gifts that just want to come out !