I wrote a letter yesterday, it was a very important letter. There’s a sentence in that letter that I feel like is very meaningful: “The world is just a reflection of the state of the whole collective.” This feels so true to me. This is not about governments, this is not about any outside physical causes. It’s really about us as a collective, creating this reality. We’ve created what is happening right now. Yes, that is that is a bit sad, honestly, because it makes you realize that a lot of human beings are still living without following their hearts. Without doing what feels right to them.

A lot of us are still living in fear. This very primal fear of dying and there’s this uncertainty. We were born to die. I mean if you look at it we are born, and then we experiment, we experience life, and then we die. And like most of us, and even psychic people, like everyone, no one knows when that’s gonna happen. It could happen tomorrow, six months from now or maybe 100 years from now. Who knows what’s going to happen? And that is frightening, right? That is so frightening, this fear of knowing you’re going to die. You believe you’re going to lose everything that you know, all the people that you love. And maybe even things that you own. Some people are really holding on to their possessions. So yes, it can be very scary.

I had an acupuncture treatment yesterday. And so the practictioner and I were chatting about what’s going on in the world. And, she actually didn’t know about COVID camps in Australia. And I found out about that, I think it was last week. The situation in Australia is pretty intense. That brings up a lot of questions. It’s like, hey, haven’t we learned anything from all the time we spent in history class? So we’re talking about the situation here in the country where I leave, and she was saying that she actually feels like, people are are waking up are realizing what’s going on. And, she added: “We have to be there and stay centered.” I replied: “The situation will change when people will hold themselves accountable for their own life, their own health, for the choices that they make in their everyday lives. And I feel that so deep within me.

I went through a lot of struggle in my life, let’s be honest. I was born in a very chaotic home with lots of domestic violence. I’ve started my healing journey when I was very, very young. I wanted to understand the reality we live in. Also, understand the unseen and how both of them are linked to one another. But that didn’t prevent me from making bad choices. Even though I had a good intuition. It’s funny because I had a good intuition, but I kept getting myself into the same situations. There was always the same pattern. And despite all the healing and me trying to understand myself and the reality will live in as well as the unseen, I was not able to get to the core of why I wasn’t manifesting the life that I wanted. And it took me a mental breakdown, which happened last July. Long story short. I had been in a very toxic situation at work for over a year, and I had a lot of chronic pains. I reached a point where my mind couldn’t take it anymore. It was too much! I couldn’t go to work anymore. But I still had this spark within me that was like “I want to get better, I want to heal and I want my life to be the way that I want it to be”. I knew that I was responsible for my life. II never blamed anyone for the life that I had, even though I had very abusive parents. There was no emotional support, no financial support whatsoever, no support at all. Obviously, if I had had better parents, my life would have been different. It would have been much easier for sure. But I never blamed them. And this is something that was always within me, to be responsible for my own life to be responsible for my own choices.

I know a lot of people are still waiting for something good to happen, are still getting their truth from someone else, whether it’s a doctor, whether it’s a government or whether it’s a spiritual leader. People always believing that someone else knows better than them. I would like to say that no one knows better what’s good for you than you! What may feel right to me, what may be right, for me, may not be right for you. And what is true to you may not be true to me. That’s really important to aknowledge that! When we hold ourselves accountable for the life that we have, then we realize that everything that happens to us, is because of us. And not because of someone else. Obviously, there are terrible things that could happen to just anyone. And I’m not going to say that it’s okay to be a bully, to hurt someone, to assault someone. This is simply not okay! Something terrible can happen to you but you get to decide if this event defines you or not! What has happened to me, all the things that I have gone through, I never let them define me. I am who I am. I never let my DNA define me. I never let my family define me. I’ve always taken responsibility for my choices and actions and I know in my heart that I always made the right choice.Even though it was I the less worst outcome or the safest outcome.

But also, what I know now is that I was in such a state of fear before that, I was not able to see all the possibilities that were upon me. I was blind, so blind, that I only had a couple of options, and I was not able to see any others. And that’s so different from the me then. I think it’s important that people hold themselves accountable for the choices that they make. It’s also very important for people to follow their heart and follow their truth. But it’s hard to get there. It’s really hard! Truth is I always followed my heart, when my heart made it clear that I needed to do this, or I needed to do that. But also, I was not always able to hear my heart or even listen to it because I was in such a fear mindset that I just couldn’t. I was blocking myself from listening to my own heart.

What’s happening now is that not a lot of us, are actually living with from their heart and making decision from their own inner guidance. We can see that fear within the whole collective this whole fear. As human beings, we fear. We’re so fearful. We are scared. ,Scared to die, scared of the unknown. And, it is what it is. But it’s each and every one of us who gets to decide. What do I do with that fear? Do I let it control me? Or am I able to live with it? Or even better? Am I able to release it? Do I want to let it go and see what I can create? What are my possibilities after that? I am myself going through this whole process of letting go of fear andnd being more true to myself and listening to my heart. It’s not an easy path when you’re isolated and you don’t have financial. When you are basically on your own, even though, you know, you may have people who are a great support, but who live way too far away to actually be there. So three months from now, even less than three months from now, I could be living on the streets. Honestly, I’m not kidding. This is what’s happening. Now, I know that I may have a plan B, even though this plan B wouldn’t be good enough to support myself. But I have made the decisions that I have made because I needed to be true to myself. And that way, I would open new doors and new possibilities.

So I’m actually doing what I preach. And sometimes it’s hard. Yesterday, I just wanted to cry because there was a lot of things that I had to let go of. I was feeling very low, to be honest. Then I got up this morning, was excited to work on my business. I was just excited to do these new tasks to grow as a business to grow as a person. How do I get my first clients and everything related to that. I’m passionate about that. I’m really passionate about what I’m creating now. And it feels so right to me. I’m very excited! And this is what I want for everyone: waking up in the morning and you’re happy about what you’ll be doing the whole day. You know, doing tasks that you love that you’re passionate about falling asleep alone, if you feel like it, or next to someone that you adore, havde a family or not, whatever feels right to you.

I totally believe that the state of the world can change. It depends on each and every one of us. There is nothing outside of us that’s going to change it for us. We need to change the reality from within.