“Let me tell you about my own healing journey and how I hope to make yours smoother and more effective!”

My Story

I was born into a family where lack was in every aspect of our life. Poor communication. No emotionnal connection. No emotionnal support. Violent fights. Outrageous insults. Painful bruises. Lack of money and always arguments over it, even when we had enough. There was always an issue. Always drama. I was told my dreams would never come true.

I wanted to escape this place I had called hell my entire young life. So, I looked for a job and was able to close that chapter when I moved in with my first life partner. I thought that leaving and never going back would give me peace of mind and enable me to create the life of my dreams. I was wrong! Hell can stop but trauma lives on within you. And, so does all the subconscious programming you went through during your young developping years.

It took me 13 years to find the key that would set me free. My hope is that I can spare you this very long and heavy path.

Even though I was clever and highly motivated to feel better, I went through 13 years of repeating patterns. 13 years of physical symptoms (headaches, digestion issues, stomach aches, dizziness, fatigue,…) which became heavily chronic in March 2020, mostly due to a disregulated nervous system caused by trauma. Unfortunately, because all I knew about life was to be chronically stressed, not appreciated and not understood, I ended up in chaotic romantic relationships and taking on jobs for companies that had not my best interests. I kept finding myself in the same situations I wanted to escape from in the first place.

The spiritual component in the healing journey

I was about 5 or 6 years old when it was clear to me that there was more than what our eyes, ears and bodies could perceive. Also, I had questions that needed answers, I knew I wouldn’t find them from the people that surrounded me.

It took me about 30 years to uncover what feels like to be my truth now (this will probably keep on evolving as I learn and grow). And during all these years, the I closer I came to discover it, the more paranormal activities I witnessed and had to face. I will not speak about that into details as I do not want to shake what your reality may be. But all these things led me to question the reality we live in.

My body was carrying a lot of trauma but understanding the unseen gave me a better clarity of how the soul can impact our lives in a positive or negative way. Whatever the soul is carrying (attachments, so-called soul contracts, etc), this will manifest into your life and may keep you from manifesting the things that you truly desire. You can only live a life of freedom when you are fully free of all spiritual interferences. That means clearing your energetic field and understanding that no spiritual being has more knowledge or is more powerful than you.

The important role of the subconscious in creating your life

When my energetic field was completly cleared of all interferences, I realized that even though I felt free, I still felt stuck and wasn’t manifesting the life that I wanted for myself. I found a new job, that almost two years later, led me to a mental and physical breakdown. Long story short, I should’ve quit that job long before that but I was in a freeze state and couldn’t understand why. We were dealing with very poor working conditions, an unqualified manager and an extreme amount of pressure. When my body and my mind couldn’t take it anymore, I had to go back to my body and face my childhood. I had to deal with the physical consequences of child abuse, neglect and this whole lack mentality. The first psychiatrist I consulted had just one solution in mind: giving me anti-depressants. And, he also told me that I would need years of therapy. My body had been screaming its pain to me all this time, I wasn’t going to numb it with drugs. While I am not anti-medecine at all, I knew this was not what I needed. I needed to take the time to listen to my body, understand it and lead it to the path of healing. So, I left his office and found myself another doctor.

Holistic healing: mind, body and soul

After that physical and mental breakdown, I did talk therapy to process my emotions. I did shiatsu and acupuncture to help regulate my nervous system. I also joined a course where I met wonderful women and gained more confidence in my psychic abilities to directly work with people’s consciousness. From the moment I consulted that new therapist and used all these tools at the same time, it took me a little over 2 months to get unstuck and say goodbye to depression! Not only that, but my mindset had shifted and what used to make me so scared before wasn’t so scary anymore. I was more in tune with myself, my needs and my desires. Therefore, I was able to make real life changing actions and go for the things that I wanted!

Now, I listen more to my body. I understand my triggers and go to the root cause. Healing is a multi-layered process. It’s about the mind, the body and the soul. It’s also about clearing what we’ve been taught was the right way to be, to feel, to think and be brave enough to go on that journey back to our true selves.